with Werklund School of Education

In 2018, Werklund School of Education worked with the Faculty of Arts to collaborate on the 2019 launch of "Teachable Subject Area in Elementary-Social Studies with a focus in Revitalization of Indigenous Languages."


As faculty members in the Werklund School of Education, we intend to launch a university-based research project to explore the design of this innovative Indigenous Languages pathway as part of our current teacher education program through a whole school approach.


Many questions have arisen in educational communities around how best to bring Indigenous perspectives into formal education and teaching quality standards. Parallel questions exist for how Indigenous communities might revitalize, and restore, their original language traditions to support the academic success of their children (Battiste, 2000; Kitchenham, 2013; Munroe, Borden, Orr, Toney, & Meader, 2013; Reyhner, 2017).


Our research intends to bring these inquiries together by helping educators meet the new Teaching Quality Standards issued by Alberta Education around Indigenous education through the introduction of a revitalization approach to Indigenous languages within our teacher education program. 


Image Courtesy of Alberta Métis Education Council