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with Werklund School of Education


Over the years, the Werklund School of Education has worked to support Indigenous Languages revitalization efforts. The Werklund School of Education worked with the Faculty of Arts to collaborate on the launch of "Teachable Subject Area in Elementary-Social Studies with a focus in Revitalization of Indigenous Languages" in 2019.

In 2021-22, Werklund partnered with Rupertsland institute, a Metis Centre of Excellence (affiliate of Metis Nation of Alberta) on a Michif language revitalization project. A collection of Michif language resources has been collated and catalogued.


This programming supports educators in meeting the new Teaching Quality Standard 5 issued by Alberta Education around Indigenous education through the introduction of revitalization approaches to Indigenous languages within our teacher education program. 


Image Courtesy of Alberta Métis Education Council

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