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Canadian educators are being called to action by the TRC, their school boards, and by their students, yet many are left wondering how to respond to these calls. With this in mind, and having been deeply impacted by the Call to Action program at the U of C, Sarah Charlebois crafted a website with the aim of helping educators be better equipped and feel more comfortable teaching students about Indigenous cultures, histories, languages, the importance of treaties, and the legacy of residential schools. Her vision for this website is that it will continue to develop and grow in a collaborative manner as she continues to develop her own reconciliatory goals.

Sarah Beech, CBE teacher

Calgary, Alberta

As a fine arts educator working at W.D. Pratt School, Sarah took on several large-scale learning events including the "Project of Heart" - a school-wide artistic display of student artwork on the topic of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, as well as four drama performances of an original script by Kainai Elder Saa'kokoto (Randy Bottle).

Neepin Auger, CBE teacher

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As an on-reserve Cree educator with a strong family background in the arts, Neepin was able to bring her artistic gifts to her grade 5 class through the creation of a large mural. 

Stacey Running Rabbit, Siksika Adult Educator

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As a non-Indigenous adult educator who is married to a Siksika man, Stacey designed a service-learning project that aimed to address some of the racism issues she was witnessing between the on-reserve residents and the local police detachment. A series of cultural awareness workshops allowed Stacey to make a positive intervention in this critical area of need.

Alyssa Fehr, CBE teacher

ReDress moves to alternative learning spaces

Alyssa entered our program in its first year (2016-17) and was inspired to take up her service-learning project in a variety of ways through an after-school alternative learning program meant to support Indigenous learners. Together, they produced a book of Hope, met with Elders, sewed Red Dresses in honour of missing and murdered family members, and organized a public display of the ReDress Project at a local mall. Her project was later featured at the downtown Calgary Board of Education offices.

Nian Matoush, Northern Cree School Board

Northern James Bay, Quebec

Melodie Hunt, Siksika Board of Education

Siksika First Nations

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Sarah Beech & Darren V.

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